Dove Road Children's Centre was established to serve the community's children throught educare and after care.  The location of the building is in the heart of Parkwood and we are currently serving approximately 120 children on any given day.  We have 120 children currently enrolled in our Centre [ranging from the ages of 3 months to 6 years]; and because of the nature of our service we must provide a safe enviroment, healthy food and good education.  Currently our Assets and Resources are limited and due to financial restrain we are unable to raise sufficient funds for the Centre.

We are providing and looking to provide the following services to the community

  • Educare and After care for children [currently]
  • Feeding Schemes [current] in form of a soup kitchen
  • Spiritual Growth and meetings [current] 

We in sponsorship for any kind of donation to help our CHILDREN'S CENTRE please.  We are a Non Profit Organisation and receive a small subsidy from the government due to our parents' unemployment and them living below the bread line.

We will appreciate it if you can attend to this at your convenience and feel free to visit our Centre at any time.
At Dove Road Children'S Centre we realize the key to success and good value. 
We hereby request for a donation of any kind and if you feel led to partner with us financially, please find below our bank details.
First National Bank, Grassy Park
A/C no: 62034150376
Branch code: 203109