Our Church was founded in the early 1970's in a house in Birch Road, Grassy Park. It was later head up by Pastors' Charles and Beryl Daniel after which we moved to a School Hall.

We have our very first tent crusade in 1989 and subsequently every year thereafter.

I, Reverend Michael and Charmaine Theunissen, took over the leadership in 2004. I was ordained as a Pastor in 1993 and started a church in Mitchells Plain. I worked there for 7 years. In 2003 my wife found a suitable building at 12 Dove Road, Grassy Park and the Church moved in.

My wife and I run a creche in the building during the week which consists of 110 children which come out of a very poverty stricken community.
We planted a satellite church in Pelican Park in 2010 under the leadership of Pastor G Keyser and his wife Tina.

I am the Project Manager of Dove Road Children's Centre, Senior Pastor of God's Grace Community Church and Chairman of Abakhululi Prison Ministry.

We have two sons, one daughter and six grandchildren and we live at number 11 Dove Road, Grassy Park since 1977.